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KONAMI의 인기 음악게임 drummania 4th & GUITAR FREAKS 5th OST 2장의 CD 구성 첫째장은 게임 사운드 트랙 두번째장은 KONAMI 오리지널송의 BONUS VERSION 이다

“Depend on Me”
Vocal by Thomas Howard Lichtenstein

You and me we’ve come long way you know, baby
But we’ve still got a long way to go, maybe
Even if we don’t have too much to show for it
No matter what happens I’ll always be here for you
In the hard times I know love will see us through
‘Cause you know I will do whatever I have to do, girl
Depend on me I’ll always be around
Depend on me cause I won’t let you down
Every thing in every way
You know that every time and every day
I do it all for you
You can depend on me
Every hour and every minute
In all I do my heart is in it
Give my life for you
You can depend on me

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